The FlightHero is a versatile and low-cost aircraft. It takes almost all the options of the helicopter, the capacities and the speed of a small jet engine, for a cost of operation per kilometre close to that of a sedan car.

The FlightHero can be used as an Emergency Medical Response Vehicle. This small aircraft can take-off and land vertically (VTOL : Vertical Take-Off and Landing) for a gross mass of 5750 kg. But it is also capable of taking-off for a distance less than 150 m (STOL : Short Take-Off and Landing), such as  off an improvised runway, with a maximum weight of 7000 kg and even with 8500 kg on the runway of a medium-sized airport.

The FlightHero should also interest other Para public services (Armed Forces, Police, Customs, Maritime Surveillance, Fire Department, etc…).

A share of the business aviation market is also naturally and quickly identifiable for FlightHero.