The aims of the group Flight Alternatives are to communicate technical, aeronautical and spatial innovations or the optimisations of current technological and solutions, together with processing. 

The original creators Jean-Michel SCHULZ and Romain SCHULZ were rapidly joined by a small and youthful group of French-Swiss students, to look for industrial and financial-based partners for the invention of the propeller shroud flaps and for the applications of the FlightCab, FlightHero and FlightCoach. This internet site is for the general public, and in time, will evolve towards the goal of projecting and proposing original solutions, some innovative, others a remake of older ones, in order to suggest solutions to aerospace system problems in the field of conceptual design, industrialisation, manufacturing and operations. 

However, nowadays there are only those knowledgeable who remember Mouillard and of his contributions to aeronautics with his study of “the flight of birds”. It does not matter if e-communication has taken over the paper book in today’s world; the spirit of communication and of scientific continuity must endure for general progress sake. In particular that of the aerospatial sector as illustrated so well by the quote above by another illustrious pioneer and researcher in aeronautics. This is the subtle contribution given to by this website.

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